I went down to the Arkansas/Louisiana border and hunted two days in rice fields and one day in a WRP marsh area.  We killed a lot of ducks and Sonja was really on her game.  They had the pit blinds set up with nice dog boxes on each end so she could mark them well.  She did some long blinds, not technically perfect, but the end result was the bird in my hand.  The report from hunters who hunted with the guide's dogs in other blinds and then hunted with me was that there was no comparison.  Not bad for an 8 1/2 yr old dog! 

It was really obvious that having a good dog made us more efficient and helped out the hunt.  She got them quickly so we could get back to hunting and not walk around the fields all morning chasing cripples.  She also found several that we would have never found on our own.

I hope all is well, talk to you later.



Just wanted to pass some pictures to you of how well your trained dogs can hunt. When we arrived in Arkansas we could tell the guy's were not sure about hunting with two dogs in a pit blind, in a flooded rice field. The first day was really not that good but on the second day we caught a cold front and got into migrators. That's when Cole and Creek went to work, we would let one go and come back then send the other, it did not take long before the guy's started asking who trained Cole and Creek and glad we brought them. By midday Creek was so tried he was sleeping sittin up and of course you know Cole he was wide open.Since these pictures Cole has cut his leg and we have been putting alot of birds in Creeks mouth from woodies to geese he has went and got them all. We will pass more pictures on later, got to go let Creek hunt. Thanks for training two well hunting (MEAT) hunting partners!!!!                                                                                                    

Eric  and Rick